Kamov KA-50 ALPHASIM For FS9 Amp; FSX

Kamov KA-50 ALPHASIM For FS9 Amp; FSX


The Ka-50 is fully acrobatic and able to perform loops, rolls and the highly effective 'funnel' manoeuvre, also called circle strafing.

File Contents This list displays the first 500 files in the package If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.. This requires the nose to be pointed down at the target and for the helicopter to fly sideways in a circular motion around the target, thus eliminating all areas of cover.

Alternate flight dynamics for AlphaSim's payware Kamov Ka-50 'Black Shark' Kamov KA 32 used by Helisureste company operated in Spain and Portugal.

Unlike previous attack helicopters, the Ka-50 adopted a single man approach, light weight, extensive armour and considerable firepower, all of which lead to a very powerful and highly manoeuvrable battle field surviving attack helicopter.. Primary weapons are the Vikhr laser guided anti tank missiles and the semi fixed 30mm cannon either side of the fuselage.. The Ka-50 was developed in the 1990s after bitter losses in Afghanistan from ground fire.. Being semi fixed allows greater rigidity and thus accuracy at range, the contra rotating rotors with no lag from a tail rotor system allow rapid rotation in the yaw axis both left and right equally' a flight system aligned to the pilots head sights sees that the cannon/airframe can be traversed and lined up almost as quickly as the free ranging turret on the AH-64 Apache.

Like previous Kamov helicopters the Ka-50 uses twin contra rotating main rotors which negate the power sucking tail rotor seen on other helicopters and make the aircraft safer to re-arm and re-fuel whilst still running in a combat quick turnaround situation. 5ebbf469cd